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Websites, e-learning, infographics, online marketing, social profile management to secure brand awareness, scientific dissemination, customer retention, leads. We focus on UniversityGrant ProjectScientistProfessorResearcherSchool

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Academic Marketing Expert
Academic Marketing Expert
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Increase Brand Awareness

We help you to disseminate the results of your research to the general public or your peers, without losing nuance or validity. Teach your students, convince the funders, inform the public!

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Unleash Brand Reputation

Professionally, your personal brand is the image that people see of you. It can be a combination of how they look at you in real life, how the media portrays you, and the impression that people gain from the information about you available online.

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  • Social Media Analysis

Harness Your Social Proof

Science itself can have a stronger online profile thanks to social networks. This can add credibility to the wealth of information generated in the public sphere, counter the effects of fake news or unproven claims with solid scientific research

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Virgilio Program

We are Academic People Focused On Optimizing Our Client Growth Potential.

We are working full-time with academics who want to create an impact with a certain audience, but who may lack the skills, time or (technical) knowledge to do everything themselves.

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We boost our clients to get more sales
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Kate Schadler Client

“I have to say I wouldn’t be able to develop my Marie Skłodowska-Curie training networks website in time without OBIKAS. They did a wonderful job of translating academic work for a broader audience.”

Eleanor Kelley

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As a Professor in the field of muscle regeneration and aging, OBIKAS Team realized my dream for two reasons: they transformed abstract concepts into valuable operational and measurable terms and designed innovative and responsive website for my ITN project

Edith Gomez
Academic Marketing Expert
Academic Marketing Expert
We can contact you only by email

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