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At Obikas we understand how valuable your research is. We have a background in science, which means we can brainstorm with you about complex topics and understand your needs.

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We Equip Scientists With Strategy and Vision

With our communication & design skills we help you to to develop (online) tools and materials to make sure your research stands out and creates impact.

We offer a variety of options as we create a custom website for you—tailored to your individual needs, easy to update, and featuring responsive design for mobile devices.

Once your website is designed, choose the aspects of your work you want to highlight, and we’ll help you present your materials in a clear, compelling, web-friendly way.

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Engaging the public in science through the online dissemination of research.

We are committed to ensuring that members of the public have easier access to the wealth of important, far-reaching, and provocative research seeking to explain the world as we know — and explore — it.

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We have experience with a variety of audiences: from study participants and patients to fellow academics and lawmakers, making us the perfect partner to help you reach yours.

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We think scientific research is too important to be wasting away in a drawer. We are excited to turn your work into engaging materials that create an impact!

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“The team at Obikas is fabulous. They were able to think along with our wishes and built an attractive website for our research. I found out how important the layout and catchy graphics are to get the message across to a mixed audience.
Communication is the key in the ITN Projects, a daily-based work with the consortium’s partners. They did a great job, I received many compliments from partners of the project and colleagues from Italy and abroad.”

Dr. Silvia Brunelli

Project Coordinator RENOIR

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