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We extract the essence and create modern, innovative, user-friendly designs.

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We Make Educational Videos

Video can be much more than recorded video lessons or narrated PowerPoint slides.

So, Why video?

Studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text.

The use of videos in teaching and learning serves to not only benefit students, but also teachers, their affiliated institutions, European Commission and the entire school system.

Video Service on location
  • Scientific Illustration
  • Medical Illustration

Turn Your Data Into Clear Visuals

Infographics have their own place in science communication because they say more than photos or text by themselves. Use them in your articles, lectures and (poster) presentations, or on your website and social media.

It’s very easy: just send us your research paper. We will extract your main message from it and develop it into an infographic that conveys your message in a design that fits your organisation.

We Promote Your Project

Dynamic Content To Breath Life Into Any Topic

Video & Animation

We can help take your educational video projects to the next level by combining all of the in-house talent and resources .

Pre & Post Production

  • concept development
  • content development
  • script writing
  • full professional production on-location
  • editing

Digital Advertising

Reach a global community of scientists, healthcare professionals, and science-engaged consumers

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As a Professor in the field of muscle regeneration and aging, OBIKAS Team realized my dream for two reasons: they transformed abstract concepts into valuable operational and measurable terms and designed innovative and responsive website for my ITN project

Edith Gomez
Academic Marketing Expert
Academic Marketing Expert
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