Effective communication enhances your professional success

No matter how interesting the content is that you are sharing, if your communication skills are not up to scratch, it’s often an uphill struggle to inform, influence or inspire others.

When you communicate well, you motivate others to act

Being able to convey your message with confidence and clarity significantly impacts your ability to influence and persuade others to follow your lead.

Whether you are looking to inspire your colleagues to collaborate on a tough project, win stakeholder support for a new Spin Off’s idea, or persuade other Institutions to buy your latest research’s solution/service, how you present your message is critical to your success.

“Not only is it important to ask questions and find the answers, as a scientist I felt obligated to communicate with the world what we were learning.”
― Stephen Hawking, Brief Answers to the Big Questions

High-level communication skills can fast-track your career progression

Your ability to communicate well can play an important role in the making or breaking of your career. Well-developed presentation and communication skills will enhance your professional reputation, increase your ability to influence others, enable you to progress your career faster and give you the confidence to network successfully.

Never before has the discipline of communication been more exciting, diverse and innovative than today.  Academic research and training are directly affected by these developments.

The fields of communications research and media science are experiencing an extraordinary boom: more and more scientists from all fields are turning their attention to media research..

Communication Research undertakes the scientific study of communication process. Being scientific it is objective and deterministic. It is interdisciplinary in nature as it borrows heavily both in terms of theory and methods from social and other sciences. In essence it involves application of social behavioural and scientific method to the study of communication issues and problems.

It has got a wide scope because it helps in building relations which eventually leads us to the process and path of progress & development, otherwise we will be self centered, self contained which will ultimately lead us nowhere. The exchange of idea motivates us to brainstorm, leading to research in related aspect.

  • Message Analysis: A message is not only about the advertising slogan or a marketing line; a message is an easy and clear idea that describes about the entire project as a whole.

  • Channel Analysis: A channel analysis is an evaluation of how and where a project should be shared.

  • Planning and Designing: Moving from the conceptualization stage to planning and to designing research demands that the researcher transforms abstract concepts into operational or measurable terms.

Communication Research has got a wide scope because it helps in building relations which leads us to the process and path of progress & development.

In the final analysis, communication is not just one thing. It is a complex process by which people manage messages and create messages.

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